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Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool:

Weekly Record 57 (6 February)


Weekly Record 57 (6 February)


Was it really only four weeks ago that I was waking up to sunshine, golden sands, the white surf, rainbow lorikeets outside the apartment window, delicious fresh seafood cooked on the barbeque and wine at its finest selected personally from the Hunter Valley ?  Once I had got over the terrible jet lag, I found I slipped into the Australian way of doing things very quickly.   ?No worries? - something that you hear being said all the time, is not a clich? it really does seem to be a way of life.   I had an amazing time, and it was true that surfing became my new hobby.   I am not sure that I completely mastered the whole balancing technique on my board, and where to put my lip balm and other important items that I carry around in case of emergencies, became a bit of a worry for me, and may have distracted me somewhat from the whole concept of catching the breaking waves and mastering the different techniques: the Slice and Duck; the Eskimo roll (I was best at this !) and the Shoot and Scoot !   But really there is no place like home, at least for me, and it was nice to return to all that is familiar.   So a belated but none the less sincere Happy New Year to all of you.

The week is routine enough which means that there is plenty of time to catch up on things that were put to one aside before Christmas.   One of the larger documents that arrived in the post before my departure was the annual Risk Assessment.   A much anticipated document !  Our current Risk Assessment is reviewed every twelve months by an expert, and the report is then sent to me.   I just popped it in my ?Rainy Day Folder? but I don't think I can avoid it any longer.   I know that this is a fundamental requirement for us to have in place, and to take seriously - which we do - but do we really have to assess the step ladders each time we use them, and do we have to have a management procedure in place to ensure that chemicals - bleach, washing up liquid etc, etc - are assessed every time they are used.   It seems, my friends, that indeed we do !  All the hours that a small dedicated group of staff have sat around the committee table trying to work out the distinction between a hazard and a risk, and then deciding on suitable measures to prevent, loss, damage or injury is not my idea of fun.   But looking at this latest tome it looks like we have done more than satisfactory and we have exceptionally high standards.   It is keeping them up now.   The Cathedral is a safe place for staff, contactors, volunteers and visitors to be !

A couple of special items this week to note.   The Archbishop will be with us on Tuesday to celebrate the 5.15pm Sung Mass for the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Archbishop Worlock - can it really be fifteen years ago ?  On Saturday evening at 7.30pm the University of Liverpool Chamber Choir are holding a concert in the Cathedral which I encourage you to come along to.   Curtis Perriman, one of the Gentlemen of the Choir is the Director and it promises to be an interesting programme of works.   Whilst this is going on in the Cathedral, there is a Fund Raising Dinner for Madeleine McCann being held in the Crypt.   It is almost four years since the little girl went missing from the family's apartment in the Algarve region of Portugal and we continue to remember the family in our prayers at the Cathedral.

Claire Hanlon   Assistant to the Dean


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