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Review, Re-open, does it really matter??????

February 1, 2011 Bren
Review, Re-open, does it really matter??????

Too right it does.

The McCanns have created a petition asking for all the evidence in the case of their missing daughter to be reviewed.

The exact wording of the petition is this:

We call on the UK and Portuguese authorities to conduct an independent and transparent review of all information in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

What they are actually asking is for the UK and the Portuguese authorities to review all the evidence in the case of their missing daughter.  

Whether or not you support the McCanns is irrespective, the crux of the matter is that Madeleine McCann disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007 whilst alone with her brother and sister whilst her parents had dinner at the Tapas Bar.

Yes we know the McCanns, their friends should never have left them, but the point of the matter is a child is missing, some people think she is dead, two of the worlds best sniffer dogs were brought in and alerted to what could have been ?cadaver? and ?dried blood?, which some people take as gospel that the child is no longer with us and deceased.

But the most important part is that the forensics collected from these sniffer dogs when returned from the FSS were inconclusive.  The dog handler himself stated in his summary that as no human remains had been found the only evidence that could be corroborated forensically was that of the  dog that alerted to ?dried blood?.   ?Dried blood? that could have come from a living or deceased person.  And the results from that came back inconclusive.

People on the internet are even now attacking facebook pages of TV shows because they are adamant that the child is dead and the parents are to blame and because these facebook pages are asking people to sign this petition.

The PJ Final report states that they are no further advanced and can not say for definite what happened to Madeleine McCann. The prosecutor archived the case and his report can be read here.  And the conclusion of the archiving process was that no evidence could be found of any crimes being committed by either the parents or the other named arguido Robert Murat.

To this date there has been no confirmed leads and no confirmed sightings and neither has a body been recovered.  So as of to date nobody knows what happened  to Madeleine.  She could still be alive and even if there is the most minutest of chance that she is, everything needs to be done to find her.

Someone harmed Madeleine Beth McCann, they must have done, otherwise she would be at home with her parents, irrespective of peoples views about her parents, everyone should do whatever they can to help find her or find out what happened.

Now back to this petition people are screaming the case needs to be re-opened, yes it does, but for a case to be re-opened it has to an agenda, a course of action to be taken, a plan laid out what further investigations need to be done.  This costs money and Authorities do not open cases WITHOUT a review.  A review is the first step.  Someone will go through all the case files and the evidence and then decide if the case a) warrants re-opening and then b) what investigations need to be carried out and who and what the lines of inquiry should be.

This is standard procedure, nobody will waste time, money and man hours unless there is something more that can be done, this is where the review is so important.

And if people really do think that the McCanns are involved, then if the case is reviewed and re-opened and one of the directions of further investigation is for the parents, and their friends to return for a reconstruction how do you think the public will perceive this if they refuse?

So really what do people have to lose, apart from face, by signing the petition, absolutely nothing.  If the review leads to re-opening there is only one person that it can benefit and that is Madeleine Beth McCann.  Do you really want to deny her that justice?  If it was your child would you not want people to sign so that you could find out what happened, if you were not involved?  How would you feel if people refused to sign because they did not like you?  And is it really justice to deny a child the right to have a chance of having the case possibly re-opened.

You are not signing for the parents

You are signing the petition to help to find out what happened to this child:


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