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Keir Simmons states allegations against McCanns have been dismissed



Original Source: MSNBC: SUNDAY 08 NOVEMBER 2010


 Keir Simmons on NBC with transcript


Lester Holt This morning a surprising new development in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Three years after the British girl vanished in Portugal police say they are ready to re-open the investigation.  Lets get the latest from Keir Simmons in London.  Keir, Good morning.

Keir Simmons Well, good morning, Lester.  Its now more than three years since three year old Madeleine McCann vanished and Portugal's police just desperately need to solve this crime.  This morning it is reported that detectives are committed to resolving the case and would work on a review and pursue any new line of enquiry.  You remember Kate and Gerry McCann's young daughter went missing from their holiday apartment in idyllic resort in Portugal's Algarve.  Some witnesses saw a male abductor carrying her away but incredibly the parents themselves were then accused of her involvement.  Those allegations have been dismissed now but this week Madeleine's parents claim that both the British and Portuguese governments have forgotten their daughter.

Kate McCann Thoughts and words are not good enough, particularly when they are in a position that they can actually do something about it.

Gerry McCann If Madeleine was found it would almost be by chance and it shouldn't be right that this crime is solved by another child being abducted.

Keir Simmons Well this morning its reported that Portuguese detectives will look at the case again but Madeleine's parents have waited too long to get their hopes up and are awaiting official confirmation.  Lester'

Lester Holt Keir, we haven't seen the McCanns for quite some time.  How are generally are they coping right now'

Keir Simmons Well you know, Lester, I've covered the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann from the beginning.  I arrived in Portugal the day after she went missing and to me her parents now seem as shell-shocked and devastated as they did in those early days.  They say Madeleine's twin brother and sister often talk about if Madeleine comes home, er, not about if Madeleine comes home but about when she comes home.  How they will share their bedrooms and spend time together.  Without those two little ones the parents say life would have simply been unbearable.

Lester Holt Alright.  Keir Simmons in London this morning, thank you.


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