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The Haunting of David Jones

Original Source: STEEL MAGNOLIA2  08 SEPTEMBER 2010
See Mail on line 08-09-2007

This is all that is left of reporter David Jones thoughts on the McCanns, by his own admission after talking with Clarence Mitchell he made a retraction and said he now knows the McCanns are innocent. 


I wish he would tell us how he knows this for a fact.


Quote from David Jones before he was pressured to change his mind.


Gerry & Kate McCann might be involved 



As we all know now the Madeleine McCann story is coming to the end but David Jones who is an investigator on the case doubts the McCanns innocents Well as we know the Madeleine McCann case is truly gut wrenching, a beautiful child has been the victim of a horrible crime, but here is an investigators view on the case: ‘I have a terrible nagging doubt the McCanns might be involved’. 


"I have a terrible nagging doubt the McCanns might be involved"


Almost four months have passed since I first began to investigate the harrowing case of a beautiful little girl who appeared to have vanished into thin air, shortly after being tucked up in bed by her parents on holiday in Portugal.


Like a great many people in Britain, and millions more around the world, I have since become fascinated, almost to the point of obsession, with the Madeleine McCann mystery.


I have travelled repeatedly to the Algarve to interview potential witnesses and suspects; retraced the abductor's possible escape routes and explored all manner of theories.


And I end most days by reading the strangely breezy and matter-of-fact web-log kept by Madeleine's surgeon father, Gerry.


My curiosity has been heightened at least partly because those haunting last photographs of a beautiful, carefree child playing in the sunshine resemble so many treasured pictures in my own family album.


As a father of four, I can also identify with the dilemma that apparently confronted Gerry and Kate McCann on that fateful May evening in Praia da Luz. How do you enjoy an evening out with friends on holiday, and keep your toddler safe?


Yet something else has kept me utterly absorbed in Madeleine's case, and it is certainly not the McCanns' moth-to-a-flame courtship of the media (their latest interview, with Paris Match, is due to be published imminently).


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