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Original Source: ALED JONES: SUNDAY 14 MARCH 2010

With Thanks To Textusa for transcript

Transcript of Aled Jones interview with Kate McCann:

Kate McCann Aled Jones

Aled - Does Mothering Sunday, itself bring mixed emotions?

Kate - It does and it doesnít. I mean, every day to be honest is quite difficult. I guess Mothers Day is another reminder really that Madeleine is not here. I think motherhood is a real gift and obviously Iíve got three children, and itís a reminder that one of my babies isnít with me but you know Iím still Madeleineís mum, and I always will be.

Aled . How do you cope with a day like Mothering Sunday?

Kate - I guess itís a little bit different now I think because we are working so hard perhaps days where we would have maybe done something really special we donít necessarily, certainly Mothers Day, I think birthdays are different, childrení s birthdays and things but I think we just get through it like any other day really.

Aled - Do you get lots of support from family?

Kate - Oh weíve had amazing support I mean our family has been great and thatís an important point really because everyone in our family has suffered and is going through a lot of pain and anxiety and we are all missing Madeleine, but weíve all got to try and support each other

Aled - And what about your other children how aware are they of what is happening?

Kate - Very aware they talk about Madeleine every day they know she is missing they know she has been taken by somebody. They understand it a little bit like burglary, in that even if you really want something it doesnít mean that we can take it because Madeleine belongs to us you know and itís not right that theyíve got Madeleine and we need to find her but they talk about finding her, about you know finding Madeleine, and running away with her and coming back home. And even things like when we go on holiday they say Ďoh what will happen if the police find Madeleine and we are not there?í And we say Ďoh donít worry our next door neighbours will let us know.í And they are very aware but they are very positive, they will always talk about, Ď when Madeleine comes homeí Sean said to me the other week, well Amelie said to me ď Why do you work mummy?Ē and I said well ďIíve got to find MadeleineĒ and Sean said ď Yes mummy but when thatís OVER, when Madeleine is home what will you do?Ē (Kate sighs) and you think bring it on.

Aled - Does that help?

Kate - It does. They always say out of the mouths of babes. You know they are really positive and it really does keep us going. I think in years to come Iíll be able to tell Sean and Amelie just how important they have been in our life keeping us going and getting us through it all.

Aled - What effect has time had on you, has time healed at all?

Kate - Itís always funny that line isnít it Ďtime is a healerí I think the wounds are less raw, the pain doesnít go away, and the anxiety is always there. Ií m definitely a lot stronger than I was a year ago which is positive. Itís funny as sometimes you beat yourself up about it because I think how come I am doing okay and Iím coping better than I was thatís not right, because nothing has changed for Madeleine but yeh itís important that I am because Iíve got three children, one to look for and two to look after, and itís important that I can cope.

Aled - Do you feel guilty at being happy in a way then?

Kate - Yeah there is that element. I mean I know itís okay to be happy and itís important for Sean and Amelie that we do have happy times but there is a little bit of guilt really and a little bit discomfort in being able to adapt I guess.

A. How important a word is Ďhopeí for you?

Kate. - Oh very important weíve obviously got hope, weíve got a lot of hope really a lot of hope, hope that Madeleine is still alive. Obviously the difficult task is trying to find her but whilst there is hope weíll keep going and certainly weíll never give up..

Aled... - So what is Madeleine like?

Kate - Erm someone you just want everyone to meet her cos, erm sheís just an amazing little character full of personality loads of energy, quite knowing, erm , really funny and loving and you know her relationship with Sean and Amelie, itís incredible really and that Ďs something which still gets to me at times. When I see them playing and they start talking about Madeleine, again, you know,when we were away Sean was digging in the sandpit and I said ďWhat are you doing?Ē he said ď Iím digging up buried treasure mummy and Iím going to give it to Madeleine.Ē And you just kind of think really, what would it be like for the three of them to be together?

Aled - What are some your most treasured memories?

Kate. - Oh my God thereís lots. I used to take Madeleine swimming on a Saturday morning and she used to have this really tight swimming cap on and Iíd be watching through the glass and she was the youngest there, she was only three and she would just walk along on her own really confident and get in and these huge eyes would be looking at me through the glass and shed just be waving you know, hi mummy and Iíd be texting Gerry saying she has got me crying again, and just lying with her you know and conversations, it had got to the stage where me and Madeleine would go to lunch together you know and it felt like a real girls day out.

Aled - I know you are a person of faith which I would like to talk about after we have had some music I donít know if you listen to music at all?

Kate - No, we do, we listen to a lot of music itís been a little bit strange to be honest because since Madeleine was taken from us I actually struggled quite a lot to listen to music and I actually put classical music on rather than anything remotely, I guess, happy, with lyrics or stuff dance type music anything like that but gradually I am able to listen to it again now.

Aled - And what would you like to listen to today?

Kate - Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Aled - Why Snow Patrol?

Kate - This is a song that both, myself and Gerry really liked and in fact after Madeleine had gone it was a song that was quite difficult to listen to, actually it kind of it made us both quite upset because it reminded us of happy times of Madeleine but at the same time it reminded us of Madeleine. So, from that point of view it is quite a special song and I think the lyrics if I just lay here will you lie with me and Madeleine would often used to say at bedtime lie with me mummy lie with me daddy and they were really special vivid moments.


Aled - Is every day bad?

Kate Ė No, not every day is bad but it is strange I can have three or four days where the days just go, basically I am working I am looking after Sean and Amelie, I get through a day get up same for the next day, and then something can suddenly out of the blue just really upset me and it can be something quite innocuous it can just trigger something, makes you aware that you donít have to scratch too far below the surface for that emotion to come bubbling out. You get through it, I mean luckily two of us together are quite a Ďunití really, usually one of us can pull the other one up when needs be.

Aled - What does it feel like having worlds glare on you?

Kate - I think you take it for granted really what being anonymous was like itís been very hard I mean Iím not the most confident person on the planet and Iíd never be a someone who would get up and give a presentation at work or anything Iíd try avoid it like the plague but weíve obviously been forced into this situation.

Aled - Youíve changed a lot as well havenít you because in the beginning you were very much in the background whereas now you are not?

Kate - Absolutely, I think I was just, obviously I was going through a lot of pain and distress but also I was just really uncomfortable being in the spotlight and then I had to kind of say to myselfí well why are we doing it, weíre doing it to try and find Madeleine and itís not about me and it doesnít matter how uncomfortable I feel you know itís Madeleine we are trying to help. Forget about me move on get over it.í

Aled - Are there times when you donít feel strong?

Kate - Oh Yeh yeh, there are have been a lot of things in the last almost three years, erm not even just Madeleine being taken from us, which was obviously the worst, but there has been many things that have happened subsequently and they can also be really low times dark times when you do doubt your faith I have to be honest, but at the same time itís strange, because weíve been through that, I do believe there is a greater good and in some ways it kind of strengthens my faith really.

Aled - Because in a way because what you are experiencing for many people would be hell on earth?

Kate - No, it is. I think it the worst thing that could happen to a parent certainly one of the worst things I mean the pain is just, just incredible and itís the pain of worry for her really I mean we live with the sadness of not having Madeleine in our lives but you know Iím her mum and I canít help but worry about her and I just want to be with her, if she has a sore tummy I want to be there, when she is upset I want to be there. I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family.

Aled - Are there ever times when you blame God?

Kate - Iíve never blamed God for what happened, at all. I donít think that was anything to do with God. There are times when Iíve got angry with God and certainly the, the additional things that I have mentioned that have happened where I just think why can we have extra suffering put on us at such an awful time and I just havenít understood it and I wondered why God hasnít interceded and tried to counter that. These are the times when I go off to the church to be honest, I mean Iíve got a key to the church theyíve kindly given me one sometimes I go in and oh itís a bit of a sanctuary a bit of a refuge Iíll go and I can speak out Ė because obviously thereís no one there Ė just get it all off my chest really. I mean I do wonder you know why should God help my prayers when there are millions of people with prayers which are equally as important around the world, I donít know I mean I just hope he does but, my faith has really sustained me I think a lot through all of this and it is a definite comfort there.

Aled - Has your faith changed at all?

Kate - I think it has probably got stronger definitely I think before all this happened that Iíd never really had to question my faith you know it was there I believed in God Iíd had little conversations with God in my head but I never really had to challenge it I was just comfortable with my relationship with my faith and with God but itís definitely got stronger now itís probably more intense. Em the day I was made arguido was quite an interesting day with regards to my faith Iíd had a period of about 4 to 6 weeks prior to that where there had obviously been a shift in the investigation and suddenly none of the police were talking to us, we couldnít have a meeting people didnít want to have phone conversations with us, I mean we were left in this awful void of information really, so we were trying to cope with the pain of not having Madeleine but also not having any information and not knowing at all what was going on and then that led on to the period when suddenly there were these awful stories coming out in the media about supposed blood in the apartment, basically pointing the finger at us then obviously that subsequently finished with us being arguido and the day I was going in for my arguido interview was quite a strange day because I had been really low and feeling quite weak and fragile and then suddenly I just felt really strong, I mean I was angry, I was angry that people hadnít been looking for Madeleine but also I just thought to myself Ď I know the truth and God knows the truth and nothing else mattersí and I just felt really strong from then I felt a real inner strength.

Aled - Do you think God is looking after Madeleine?

Kate - I do, I mean to me Madeleine was a gift, most our life is pretty public anyway, but you know obviously we had quite a difficult time trying to have Madeleine and when she was born I really did believe she was a gift and I never took her for granted you know every day when Iíd wake up and Iíd see these huge eyes looking at me and Iíd say thank God for Madeleine. I donít believe he would stop loving her now or abandon her and I donít believe that at all, and I do get a comfort in thinking that that wherever she is whoever she is with that he is with her and protecting her, protecting her spirit and sheís got a lot of spirit. (Kate laughs)

Aled - Do you find that your prayers have changed over the years?

Kate - I guess a little bit more directed now. The prayer that I used to say all the time was to, to keep the family, thank God for my family to keep Gerry Madeleine Sean and Amelie safe healthy and happy I always said that, which when it happened, to be honest was a little bit of a struggle as that was the one prayer that I said all of the time. I pray for lots of things now really, obviously I always pray for the family obviously most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine really but I pray for the people whoíve taken Madeleine the people who know what has happened to Madeleine, and the people around/ related to the person who has taken Madeleine. And I pray for the police and the investigators, people who are looking for her and I pray for all the other children who are missing or have been exploited in some way, because in some ways, funny to say lucky, but we have been lucky weíve had a lot of support from the general public in particular people we donít know weíve had incredible support and there are many families out there whose children have gone missing and you donít hear about it.

Aled - Gerry said his faith has been strengthened by the goodness generated by this ordeal so there are positives that have come out of it?

Kate - Ah very much so. We still get a bundle of mail every day from people, you know willing us on sending their best wishes. Children send pictures for Madeleine and stuff, and you know we have books of prayers sent for Madeleine that children have written. Itís been amazing. Itís been a real eye opener, you know Iíd have never thought of sitting down and writing a letter to someone I didnít know whoíd suffered tragic event and yet the strength it has given us is amazing.

Aled - It would be understandable for you to be filled with hate and anger and rage and yet youíre not at all?

Kate - Iíve had my moments if I went back to 2008 I think I did probably have a lot of anger on board and itís such a horrible negative emotion . Iím pleased to say that, that anger has gone now and I feel so much better than I did in 2008.

Aled - Do you think youíd ever be able to forgive the people who took Madeleine?

Kate - Thatís a difficult one isnít it? I guess I donít know why theyíve taken her and I think until I know that it would be hard, hard to say. Iíd like to hope that I could but itís difficult.

Aled - On Mothering Sunday do you have a message for other mothers who may be experiencing similar emotions to what you are going through?

Kate - Yeah I think erm Ė long pause- , dig deep really, just keep hoping and be around your family and friends, really gather their love, surround yourself with positive people but dontí give up.

Aled - Thank you for talking to me


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