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Maddie Search Marks 1,000th day

Original Source: SOUTHPORT REPORTER: 27 to 28-01-10
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Issue:- 27/28 January 2009

FORMBY marked the 1,000 day since Maddie McCann disappeared, as other related events took place worldwide. Formby Football Club launched as many lanterns as they could, unfortunately wind stopped them from launching all the 250 which had been planned.

It was in May 2007 that Liverpool born parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, found their 3 year old child had vanished whilst they were on holiday in a Portuguese holiday resort. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to clear their names and also to keep the public and authorities searching for her. At this event in Formby Football Clubs grounds, on Altcar Road, were Maddie’s Liverpudlian grandparents, representatives of Formby FC, Councillor Barry Griffiths and residents from all over Merseyside. Since Madeleine was taken, both Gerry and Kate have become very aware of just how many children go missing each year from all around the world. They also now support other families of missing children and on the Find Madeleine website they have a very interesting section to read. You can help the search for Maddie by logging onto their appeal website:- The lanterns that were not set off on 27 January 2010, were given to the public who attended the event to set off over the next few days. So keep your eyes on the skies as well as keeping up the search for Maddie.
















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