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Press Release Defence Fund

Original Source:  PROJECTO JUSTIÇA: FRI 20 NOV 2009

the law

For Immediate Release

The movement 'Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms - Project Justice Goncalo Amaral' formally announces the creation of a defence fund by means of a solidarity account to support citizen Goncalo Amaral, who has been deprived of his civil right to free expression.

Freedom of expression is an inalienable constitutional right, for which the Portuguese people have fought hard, and that cannot be placed at stake, namely when it is exercised with responsibility and with civility.

Citizen Goncalo Amaral presently finds himself in the front line of a struggle for freedom of expression. An unequal struggle, in which the parties have access to disparate financial resources - citizen Goncalo Amaral is forced to exhaust all and any personal resources that he may possess, and which are manifestly insufficient to meet the expenses that are inherent to his defence.

His opponents, who are well aware of this limitation, and who are financed by third parties to place considerable resources at their disposal, risk little or nothing, and gamble everything to silence the former Judiciary Police coordinator.

Goncalo Amaral desires nothing more than to see this matter duly clarified in a court of law, which is the only place where the material truth of facts can, and should, be established. And we, Portuguese citizens, will do anything to see that happen.

Both parties must have equal access to Justice, and to adequate legal representation. In this particular case, we see a need to create a legal defence fund, in order to ensure that citizen Goncalo Amaral is given access to said equality.

Therefore, the citizens who wish to show their solidarity with this cause, may contribute with their support through a bank account at BPI - Banco Portugues de Investimento, Sete Rios branch, in Lisbon, with NIB: 0010 0000 438 0385 000 1 62; IBAN: PT 50 0010 0000 438 0385 000 1 62; Swift: BB PI PT PL.

The 'Project Justice Goncalo Amaral' blog  ? offers the possibility to donate using the PayPal system.

This action is subject to principles of full transparency and seriousness.

For equal Justice for all, in respect of civil rights and duties of Portuguese and European citizens.

For Truth and for Freedom.

For further information please contact Mr. Lu? Arriaga on +351 92 501 19 69, or use the email


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