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 Amaral seeks state aid in fighting McCanns

Goncalo Amaral has reportedly applied for legal aid to assist him in litigation with the parents of missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

The former chief detective in the case has justified the application by stating he has insufficient funds to support the legal costs involved. Kate and Gerry McCann have sued Amaral for 1.2 million euros in damages for suggesting they might have been involved in the disappearance of their daughter. According to media reports, a Lisbon court has also ordered Amaral to hand over his ?70,000 Jaguar purchased in May in the name a company registered as Goncalo Amaral Unipessoal Lda.

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A classic example of misdirection. While everyone discusses the Jaguar, justice is under way, silent but certain.
Posted by Laura from Algarve on 31/10/2009
If Mr Amaral sold the car now, to pay for his defence, he would be arrested for trying to alienate his assets. People simply have no idea what they are talking about! This man bought himself a car with his own money, which he earned through honest work. He never lost a child, he did not neglect or abandon his daughters, and he is being persecuted because he wanted to investigate a crime! Has the world gone mad?! He should be granted legal aid from the very same State that failed to defend him when he was attacked as a PROFESSIONAL and as a member of a POLICE FORCE, of course he should be helped now. And I am absolutely sure that there is nothing that he wishes more than to be able to defend himself, and present his case, in a Court of Law. That day will come, rest assured. That day will come.
Posted by Paulo from Lisbon on 31/10/2009
Amaral, put them away. Re open the case, because you know in your heart exactly who the preps were in this case. The whole world does. Children do not go poof into the night. They do however go Poof from the hands of those who are supposed to love and care for them.
Posted by Kat from on 31/10/2009
Muchas personas creen que pueden, en el nombre de "la libertad de expresi?", decir lo que les da la gana y no habr?ninguna consecuencia. Cada vez que decimos o hacemos algo, puede provocar una reacci? en los dem?. No podemos decir cosas que pueden herir a otras personas y creer que no habr?consecuencias, simplemente por la creencia de que es nuestro derecho a expresarnos. Si lastimamos o herimos a otros ya sea con nuestros dichos o nuestras acciones, tarde o temprano nos enfrentaremos a las consecuencias. Es hora de que el Sr. Amaral responda por lo que ha dicho.
Posted by Anna from Other.. on 31/10/2009
This newspaper lost it's credibility of reporting anything about the McCann Case a long time ago. The Jag information is completely wrong - the jag's value is estimated at 70.000 euros new at the stand, Amaral's jag was bought in second hand. Maybe Mr. Paul Luckman should inform his journalists to not copy the Expresso newspaper.
Posted by Joana from Lisbon on 30/10/2009
Is it normal in Portugal for legal aid to be granted to someone who owns a 70,000 euro Jaguar?
Posted by Chinagirl from Other.. on 30/10/2009
If he still has the Jaguar, then I'm sure he can afford the 5000 Euros to defned the action. Why on earth this man should need legal aid anyway is a total mystery.
Posted by Mildred from UK on 30/10/2009
Mr Amaral has NEVER sugested "they might have been involved in the death of their daughter". If you are just repeating the McCanns' baseless accusations, then you do your readers a bad service. If you are making this up just because you need to show your support for the McCanns, you are still doing your readers a bad service. Either way, you do your readers a bad service by omitting that Dr Amaral has appealed the Lisbon Court's injunctions against him. And finally, maybe you would like to check your news: the Jaguar was in Portimao, in Dr Amaral's hands, as recently as yesterday evening.
Posted by Sofia from Algarve on 30/10/2009


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