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Captain backs McCann campaign

Original Source: EVERTON: WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2009
By Giulia Bould Wednesday 21.10.2009
Pictured: Staff at Everton Football Club with the Madeleine McCann t-shirts to be worn by fans in Portugal.
Phil Neville says Everton fans can play a vital part in the search for missing Madeleine McCann.

The Blues captain has backed the campaign that will see over five thousand supporters wear t-shirts with the schoolgirl's picture on during the Benfica game in Portugal.

"It is massively important Everton do this as we don't want the publicity to fade" explained Neville. 

"It's a great way for us to spread the message again and to remind people we haven't found Madeleine yet.  Returning to Portugal gives us a chance to help because until we find Madeleine we can't give up on her."

Madeleine disappeared in May 2007 from the resort Praira da Luz while on holiday with her Liverpool-born mother Kate and dad Gerry .

The Everton skipper remembered his emotions when the image of the child wearing her kit emerged.

"I think everyone remembers seeing that photograph of Madeleine in her Everton shirt.  She looked a beautiful little girl in her Blue kit.

"It hit a nerve with everyone here at the Club because we all have children.  You wouldn't want this to happen to your own family and that's why Everton are still massively behind the campaign to find her.

"When anything happens to a child it is devastating so hopefully our  t-shirts can jog someone's memory.  We now just hope and pray we can get some good news soon."

Staff at Goodison will also be showing their support and are being encouraged to wear the t-shirt to work on Thursday.

Head of Public Relations at the Club Ian Ross said “We wanted to ensure that those staff members who couldn't make it to Portugal because of work commitments didn't miss out.

"We really would like as many staff as is possible to wear their shirts to work on Thursday."

Pictured: Staff at Everton Football Club with the Madeleine McCann t-shirts to be worn by fans in Portugal.


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