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In pictures: Madeleine McCann

Original Source: GUARDIAN: TUESDAY 15 MAY 2007
Tuesday 15 May 2007 11.47 BST

1 / 16  A picture of Madeleine McCann from March this year Family hand out/AP

2 / 16 A picture of Madeleine taken during the family's current holiday at Praia da Luz before
the three-year-old disappeared

3 / 16 May 5 2007: A picture of Madeleine is displayed on a sign on a beach  Steve Parsons/PA

4 / 16 May 7 2007: Kate and Gerry McCann make an appeal for their three-year-old's return Steve Parsons/PA

5 / 16 May 8 2007: Kate McCann holds a photograph of her daughter and a toy Denis Doyle/Getty Images

6 / 16 May 9 2007: A police officer stands outside the apartment where the McCanns were staying in Praia da Luz Steve Parsons/PA

7 / 16 May 10 2007: A petrol station where CCTV images of two men and one woman suspected in the disappearance of Madeleine were recorded near Lagos    Melanie Mapps/Getty Images

8 / 16 May 10 2007: Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa of the Portuguese police speaks to the press in Portimao Steve Parsons/PA

9 / 16 May 11 2007: Yellow ribbons in the market square of Rothley, Leicestershire, the hometown of the McCann family   Rui Vieira/PA

10 / 16 May 11 2007: Footballer David Beckham makes a television appeal for the safe return of Madeleine Sky News/PA

11 / 16 May 12 2007: Balloons are released in celebration of Madeleine's fourth birthday
in Queniborough, Leicestershire
   Rui Vieira/PA

12 / 16 May 14 2007: Gerry and Kate McCann talk to journalists  Armando Franca/AP

13 / 16 May 14 2007: Police search a house in Praia da Luz  Steve Parsons/PA

14 / 16 May 14 2007: A photograph dated May 6 2007 of Robert Murat in Praia da Luz. Police interviewed Mr Murat as they searched the villa where he lives 150 metres from the resort where Madeleine was staying with her family  Steve Parsons/PA

15 / 16 May 15 2007: Gerry and Kate McCann cast a shadow on the wall of the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz

16 / 16 Portimao, Portugal, September 7 2007: Kate McCann and her lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, address the media as they leave the headquarters of the Portuguese police. Mrs McCann was questioned for 11 hours by officers investigating the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine


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