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The Appeal



Appeal in favour of Gonçalo Amaral English translation 19-04-2016
Original Source: Blacksmith  Wednesday 20 April 2016

 Wednesday, 20 April 2016
at 16:27


Yesterday's result is above all a tribute to the strength of will of Goncalo Amaral himself and to those who set out to support him, chiefly in Portugal, from 2008 onward, knowing that a terrible injustice had been done and determined to rectify it.  If, on a personal note, we name Sofia de Landerset as the exemplar of these it is because in eight years she has never been motivated by spite or  chauvinism, has somehow remained fair minded despite the inevitable  attacks and  has acted throughout without  hope of personal gain.  We are proud and honoured to have encountered her.

There is much to be said about the result and the implications, but that is for another day. Today it's worth remembering  what a good and genuinely moral cause all these people, and all donors,  have served.  It  hasn't been anti-McCann. It has been about helping, not hating. This was a "pro" cause, supporting and assisting a man in terrible trouble,  rallying to someone who deserved support and solidarity, irrespective of just who it was who set out to silence and destroy him. The struggle with the McCanns is a related but separate cause, one that is now set to be fought to the finish. 

We've written before about the unprecedented role of voluntarism in the wider McCann affair - the translations, the court reporting, the donations, the work of people like Nigel Moore and Pamalam sacrificing chunks of their life to ensure the truth couldn't be hidden. And all of it tied up with our thing, the internet that  has made it possible. All accomplished without publicity machines, crisis management monsters, large scale donors wanting control, politicians, Hanover Communications, failed and doomed spokesmen and all the other bullshit that everyone tells us is necessary to make a cause succeed.


All - and this won't be forgotten - without a single word of help since 2008 from any of the corrupt and obsolete UK mainstream media, including the MSM book publishers Not a word. So it's entirely fitting that yesterday's result was brought to the wider public not by MSM or even news agency  journalism. No journalists were involved. The MSM  did what they now do all the time - using their staff to sit at screens, find the news on twitter and the net and paste it to make their stories. While the reporters were packed into court drooling over threesomes  the GA defence website was publishing  the verdict and judgement. The MSM just copied and pasted that too, their "journalism" being confined to checking with the Team for a denial and failing to get one before publishing the pastes. So the Truth of the Lie  episode, which began with their silence about the book in 2008, finished without any role or input from them either - a fitting epitaph to  their Death Ride. 

Now that they think it's safe they will slink out to start exploiting the McCann's weakness like the curs they are and  we can all see where that must eventually lead. 

Note, in particular,  the reappearance of handsome Jerry Lawton who was buried in an  oversized, balloon-shaped  grave by his master - the only way, it seems, of safely sealing his emissions -  when the McCann writs began to arrive in late 2007. Yesterday men in chemical suits were instructed to dig up and reanimate  him and, after due precautions,  unblock  his orifices so he can resume emitting where he left off. How appropriate to their role.  How very appropriate.



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