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ITV deny Kate and Gerry McCann talkshow booking despite rumours they cancelled Lorraine Kelly gig



Appeal in favour of Gonçalo Amaral English translation 19-04-2016
Original Source: Sun Saturday 30 April 2016

By JAMES COX 12:15, 30 Apr 2016


Sources claim family will cancel media appearances on eve on ninth anniversary of Maddie's disappearance


Maddie's family have cancelled interviews inlcuding one with TV host Lorraine Kelly for ITV


TELEVISION bosses denied the parents of Madeleine McCann pulled out of an interview with Lorraine Kelly after their libel case hammer blow.


Sources suggested Kate and Gerry McCann had cancelled an appearance with the ITV host on Tuesday - the ninth anniversary of their Maddie’s disappearance.


ITV chiefs deny the apppointment amid rumours the pair have turned down a raft of media appearances after suffering a £430,000 setback in their libel battle with ex-Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.


Next month would have been Maddie's 13th birthday

Kate and Gerry have turned down a raft of media interviews on the ninth anniversary of the search for their missing daughter over fears they will focus on the libel ruling  News Group Newspapers Ltd

Ex-cop Amaral is set to republish the book which claims the McCanns covered up Maddie's death by faking an abduction. A court of appeal ruled in his favour after he was sued for libel  PA


Sources claimed the family are worried interviewers will focus on the libel loss and not the nine-year hunt for their daughter.


Kate, 48, and Gerry, 47, were devastated when a Portuguese court of appeal sided with Amaral, 57, depriving them of a payout they hoped would boost their search for missing Maddie.


A family friend told the Daily Star: “They would love to make a new appeal, but are aware that any journalist would want to inquire about Mr Amaral’s victory.


“They’re seething over the ruling. That’s the last thing they want to discuss. “


Amaral was ordered to pay damages last year after he was ruled to have libelled them in his book Truth of the Lie.

The funds were never released when he challenged the decision.


In the 2008 book he claimed the McCanns faked an abduction to cover up Madeleine’s death and they sued.


But a Portuguese appeal court ruled in favour of the former cop and overturned the libel payout.


Kate and Gerry, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are now lining up their own appeal in Portugal’s Supreme Court. 

Amaral has hinted that he may sue the McCann's for compensation.


British police are winding down the search for Maddie after admitting they have just one line on inquiry left

An artist's impression of what Maddie may look like now. Her mum Kaste believes she never left Portugal

Meanwhile, Amaral is reparing to re-publish his book which made him £286,000 on its first release.


Maddie,was three when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.


Next month would have been her 13th birthday.


British cops have announced they are to wind down the search after exhausting a number of leads.


Scotland Yard boss Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has said they have one lead"everybody agrees is worth pursuing" - but the British investigation will end after that if no more evidence arises.


They believe Madeleine was snatched during a botched robbery by a gang of thieves.



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