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'Madeleine's safety has been put at risk': Officials blast investigator for sparking huge manhunt in Paraguay



Original Source: Sun Thursday10 March 2016





Ministers branded 'Brit' private eye ‘irresponsible’ for alerting alleged kidnapper


Madeleine McCann disappeared from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in 2007


MADELEINE McCann’s safety could have been put further at risk by the "irresponsible" investigator who sparked a massive manhunt for the missing girl in Paraguay, authorities have claimed.


Officials in the South American country have blasted British private eye Miraz Ullah Ali for going public with his claims Maddie had been spotted – because it could have alerted the alleged kidnapper.


And last night it emerged the mystery private eye left the country on Monday afternoon after a stay of only three days – despite claiming Maddie was being held by a local woman.


Reports Madeleine McCann has been spotted in Paraguay are being investigated by the Met


Jorge Kronawetter, Director of Immigrations, said Ali flew into Silvio Pettirossi International Airport last Friday with Brazilian carrier TAM claiming to be a tourist and left with the same airline at 4.34pm local time on Monday for an unknown final destination.


Ali, who is thought to be based in Britain, said his mission was to see the city of Aregua for himself and publish an appeal for information in a local paper.


But he sparked the fury of police and government officials after failing to alert the authorities before going public with his appeal for Maddie, who would now be 12.



Daily newspaper Color ABC, which ran the ad on Ali’s behalf, also revealed today that he spoke no Spanish and made no attempt to hire a translator or speak with locals in Aregua, a city of around 100,000 inhabitants around 20 miles from the capital Paraguay.


Researcher Miraz Ullah Ali claims he saw Maddie in Paraguay


Police including anti-kidnap specialists have been hunting for missing Madeleine after being alerted by the ad - but have so far drawn a blank.


Vice interior minister Jalil Rachid told a radio interviewer: “I think what this supposed investigator did was very foolish.


“He’s saying missing Madeleine is in Aregua and he goes there to take some pictures and then returns. Obviously he left empty-handed.


“I believe he’s been very irresponsible and committed a grave error in the way he’s acted.


“This man has now left Paraguay and is back in London as far as I know.


“The first suspicion that comes to mind is that he’s trying to extort money out of Madeleine’s family.


“If you’re an investigator and you’ve got information pointing towards a certain objective, you’re not going to abandon the place where that objective is.


“You’re at least going to alert the security forces because from the point of view of an investigator, tracking down this missing girl would be a huge professional coup.


“It’s illogical and totally incoherent what this man has done.


“It makes no sense to simply take a few photos and then leave.


He added: “We sent personnel to Aregua but didn’t obtain any information pointing towards Madeleine being there.


“That’s not to say we won’t in the future but at the moment we’ve got nothing.”


Interpol chief Victor Tandi added: “He committed a grave error if his information was right because he’s alerting the kidnapper that he’s looking for them. It’s very strange.


An artists impression of maddie aged nine, released in 2012. She would now be 12.


Ali described himself in his newspaper ad, where he gave his full name as Miraz Ullah Ali Isa, as a London-based private eye and claimed Madeleine had been smuggled out of Portugal by boat.


He said: “We have been informed that Madeleine McCann is living in Aregua, possibly with a woman.


“She was kidnapped from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3 2007 when she was three.


“She is now twelve. We believe two men were involved and that they smuggled her out of the country using a boat.


“Madeleine has suffered terribly. There is a reward of two million euros for information leading to her safe recovery.”


Last month Kate said she believed Madeleine was still in the Algarve. She's pictured here with husband Gerry


He urged anyone with information to contact the local police or call Met Police investigators leading the hunt for Madeleine.


The report also heaped further heartache onto Kate and Gerry McCann, who were made aware of the potential sighting.


Their daughter disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, Algarve in 2007 when she was just three-years-old. While her family have never given up hope of finding her alive, countless sightings around the world have come to nothing.


Since her apparent abduction, she has been 'spotted' in countries including Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Morocco and The Netherlands.



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