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Podcast broadcast of J.Pradel on RTL about the Maddie sighting in Paraguay (French to English)



Original Source: RTL Friday 18 March 2016
J.Pradel on RTL 18-03-2016   English Translation by Anne Guedes


Translation and Images of introduction to the article.

L'Heure du Crime (Crime Time) of March 18 is about a possible new track in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of little Maddie McCann in 2007 in Portugal.

Maddie McCann would be 12 years now. In recent years, she was spotted all over the world ... In Spain, Great Britain, India, Poland ... All these tracks have so far led to dead ends, and while some investigators from Scotland Yard think she is still alive, most police officers with knowledge of the files remain convinced that she died the day she disappeared in May 2007, following a domestic accident disguised as a kidnapping by parents who refused to assume their responsibility.

Since March 8 yet, it seems that the police of Aregua in Paraguay have launched a massive search operation in this town of 70,000 inhabitants where Maddie was spotted recently according to a mysterious private detective. He appealed for witnesses, along with a promise of reward of 2 million euros for any information leading to her !

Could the case of the little girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007 at the age of 3 be revived in Paraguay? The British detective, Miraz Ullah Ali Isa, revealed in the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color that the girl "lived for two months in the home of an unidentified woman in the city of Aregua." He advertised the search with pictures of the girl, promising a reward of nearly 2 million.

Miraz Ullah Ali Isa has nevertheless remained very discreet, not explaining where he went to Paraguay nor how he got his information. An attitude which questions its credibility. Interpol announced the opening of an investigation to determine what is the real intention of the detective.

On 3 May 2007, the McCann family was on holiday in Portugal with friends. That night, the couple dined at the hotel's restaurant while children were sleeping in their bedroom. (1) When Mr and Mrs McCann returned to the room, they found that Madeleine, 3, was no longer in her bed. They called the police immediately.(2)
The investigation trampled over several months, until September 7 when suspicion fell upon the little girl's parents. They were both made arguidos by the Portuguese police. (3) Traces of blood were found in their car, but the DNA analysis was inconclusive. (4)
After many false leads and sightings of Maddie all around the world, the investigation stalled. The Portuguese authorities decided to shelve the case on July 21, 2008. (5)
In July 2013, however, the English police decided to resume the investigation. (6) An age-progression image of the girl was broadcast and 38 persons of interest questioned. But no breakthrough was produced and the mystery of the disappearance remains.
The guests of Jacques Pradel are Karl Zero, who made a documentary on the Maddie case (October 2007) and referred this case in his book Missing. What became of them ? (2014), Marie Billon, RTL correspondent in London and George Moreas, former Police Commissioner, who's interested in this case and runs the blog Police Etcetera.

(1) The McCanns didn't stay in a hotel, but in an apartment, about 75 yards far from the restaurant.

(2) The police was called by the receptionist of the resort 40 minutes after Mrs McCann found that her daughter's bed was empty.

(3) The French text says the McCanns were "mis en examen", this is not true. From victims Mr and Mrs McCann became only "témoins assistés" (by a lawyer assisted witnesses).
(4) The crucial element that led to the change in the status of the McCanns was the alert of a British dog specialized in detecting cadaver scent in the last place where Madeleine McCann was seen (by her father).
(5) The decision, by the public prosecutor, to put an end to the investigation was mainly due to the fact that his request of a "reconstitution" (a procedure quite different from a reconstruction) was rejected by the so-called Tapas Seven.
(6) The Met didn't decide to resume the investigation, the decision was taken by the PM David Cameron himself.



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