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Book review by parapono: 'Lies & Deception' Madeleine-the impossible kidnapping by Peter Scharrenberg  (Dutch paperback book)


Book review and updated review by parapono

Updated review by parapono 08 October 2015

De onmogelijke ontvoering


Leugens and Misleiding

by Peter Scharrenberg


The 'work' of Peter Scharrenberg is as shifty as the statements made by the parents of Madeleine McCann over the years. 

It's not a book really, it's a printed out file in the form of a book.


Printed one book at a time in an ever changing version.

The writer withdrew the book to look into the mistakes I brought to his attention.

He put it back up for sale the very next day, tweeted he corrected some 'misprints'.


What's the use of putting a privately published book still riddled with mistakes, back on the web-market?


Why the hurry? Risking a good name? Writer is totally unknown here in the Netherlands, no such crime journalist to be found.


What's so important for the writer to have his book published right now?


What so important about the timing that it overrules normal journalistic practices,

Like checking sources and having texts proofread.


It's apparently pointing the finger to Gerry McCann as being the abductor and more.


It can be interpreted as another unfounded smearing of the parents of Madeleine McCann.


It's not even "CarterRuckable" imo as it's not a book; it's just an ever changing misrepresentation of events.


It's creating confusion.


Where have I seen this before?


To recap: It's no good.



Tweets 05 October 2015


Message from parapono 04 October 2015

latest news! Peter Scharrenberg takes his book off the market. He was shocked by all the mistakes I mentioned in a phonecall half an hour ago.
He gave his permission to post the news. 


Original review by Parapono 04 October 2015

De onmogelijke ontvoering
Leugens en Misleiding 

Peter Scharrenberg 

Don't buy the book.

Its robot-produced back is broken already.

It's shedding its pages. 

The content? Riddled with mistakes and made up stuff.

Full of misinformation and twisted stories.

Madeleine disappeared from her little bed. Mark Harrison is a dog handler, there's a super injunction in place in the UK to ban all media to report about any involvement of the McCanns, Kate's wearing flip-flops, Murat had been arrested....

In between all this the book casts doubt on the parents, in nearly every chapter.

It also states there's no proof of their involvement. 

It purports the theory of Gerry McCann being absent from the round table between

9.30 and 10.00 pm. Thus enabling the thought that a dead Madeleine was being carried by Gerry as seen by the Smith family. Next purported step is hidden in the church.

Perhaps unintentionally helped by father father Pacheco, John Geraghty  is also mentioned as possibly involved in the hiding of the body.

This scenario also has the freezer incorporated, as those darn bodily fluids in the Scenic have to be explained. 

And of course it's very critical of the Portuguese Police, but without mentioning the pressure they were under.

Strangely absent in the narrative are:

  • The political side, no ambassador mentioned.

  • No mention of the unhelpful attitude of the uk police on requests of the PJ

  • No mention about the media circus that hit PdL.

It's badly written, disgustingly bad if I may say so.

It doesn't even get the names right while acknowledging sources on the last page.

Jeanne Morais, Tony Bennet.


Question is, why was it written. It does suit the McCann agenda perfectly well.

It's privately published in a language not widely understood.

It creates more confusion.

It harms the integrity of the people that rightly question this case.

I wonder who's paying for it. 

Nothing else to say really, ignore it!

'drops the last loose page'




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