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Grenville & Stephen Greens visit to Lisbon
11 to 14 January 2010





(1)  taken in the airport at Gatwick.  11-01-2010

(2)  taken in the airport at Gatwick. 11-01-2010

(3) These four photographs show the reporters and film crews outside the court house along with supporters of Snr Amaral. 12-01-2010

(4)These four photographs show the reporters and film crews outside the court house along with supporters of Snr Amaral. 12-01-2010

(5)These four photographs show the reporters and film crews outside the court house along with supporters of Snr Amaral. 12-01-2010

(6) These four photographs show the reporters and film crews outside the court house along with supporters of Snr Amaral. 12-10-2010

Photograph 24 Frio Antonio Restaurant in Mafra

Photograph 23 Hotel in Lisbon

Photograph 22 Hotel in Lisbon


This is the report which was filled in on line! At the time of sending you this copy,
I have not heard a thing from the Express Grenville.

Grenville Green
45 C**** C****
N*** N** **

Mobile Tel:  07*****

23rd Jan 2010

Dear Editor

Because I feel strongly about the verbal abuse directed at the Portuguese Police in our British media regarding the McCann case, I felt compelled to travel to Lisbon to show my support for Goncalo Amaral at the 3-day Hearing last week. 

I was impressed by the coverage of this event by your reporter Nick Fagge.  Out of all our national newspapers, the Express published the most balanced and most comprehensive account, without resorting to cheap sensationalism.  Therefore, I have decided to contact your newspaper with the account of my own visit.

I stood outside the  “Palasio da Justice”, the Courthouse in Lisbon where Goncalo Amaral was defending his right of free speech, enshrined in Article 37.0 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

I held up two notices reading "Freedom and Democracy on Trial in Lisbon" and "Portuguese Republic Constitution on Trial in Lisbon".

The British press in general do not report fairly on Snr. Amaral and, in my experience, do not always report the truth.  The latest insult to his integrity was the recent report that he had said “F*** the McCanns” just before the Court Hearing.  He speaks very little English and had actually said, “Nao, forca aos McCanns” which, I understand, translates as “No, good luck to the McCanns”.

This vilification in the British press is typical of the ignorance and biased reporting of elements of the media regarding this case. To obtain an accurate over-view, including world-wide comments, I would encourage you to read the internet site of Joana Morais.

I demonstrated in support of Snr. Amaral outside the Courthouse, and then attended the Court Hearing for two and a half days, starting on Tues 12th January.  I was accompanied by my son who has Downs syndrome.

On Thursday evening my son and I went to a fund-raising dinner at Frei Antonio, a restaurant in Mafra (approx 50km from Lisbon).  We were warmly welcomed, and one woman we met there told us about her demonstration outside the Court.  She had handed out red carnations which have come to symbolise a peaceful revolution in Portugal's history. She had offered a symbolic flower to a VIP who had refused to take it.  When asked why, he had replied “I don't believe in it.”  She asked, “What don't you believe in, peaceful revolution or free speech?”

That evening I purchased Snr. Amaral's second book, just published, entitled “A Mordaca Inglesa- a historia de um livro proibido” (The English Gag-the story of a banned book).

This Police Inspector, on a matter of principle, had found it necessary to leave the job he loved-incurring loss of income and substantial loss of pension rights-in order to write his first book, “Maddie-The Truth about the Lie".  It dealt with the evidence around Madeleine McCann, a British child, who disappeared from a holiday complex in Portugal in May 2007.

His second book, “The English Gag”, is an account of the banning of his first book and the attempt by the British Government  to silence a Portuguese citizen, in breach of that country's constitution.  His account opposed the theory of abduction for which there is no reliable evidence.

We reluctantly had to leave our new-found friends as the taxi was waiting.  Snr. Amaral shook my hand warmly and agreed to be photographed with us.  I was left with a profound impression of a man with a depth of character who was gentle, thoughtful and warm.  Several people had spoken that evening to warm applause, thus showing their unshakeable admiration for his courage.

The Hearing continues in February, but my fear is that decisions have already been made.  I hope and pray that I am proved wrong and that Portugal's constitution prevails!

Yours sincerely

Grenville Green
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