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Official find Madeleine Facebook updates
February 2014 to Date

Monday 05 October 2015

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Official Find Madeleine Campaign 

After talking with Kate and Gerry yesterday, we have decided to delete our Twitter account and focus on Facebook. They agree it's time to remove ourselves from a place that allows so much toxic content to be directed at us and does not permit us the ability to protect ourselves from people who want to damage the search for Madeleine.


When I started our Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2008, I convinced Kate and Gerry it was a great way to raise awareness. Since that time, I have witnessed overwhelming kindness. There is no doubt that the good far outweigh the bad. The vast majority of people care about Madeleine deeply and want to see her come home to her family where she belongs.


I have been dismayed, however, at some of the hatred and sheer viciousness directed at Kate and Gerry through our social media accounts for no logical reason at all. At times, it has had me in tears. It is hard to accept that some people can be so cruel to a family that has already experienced the worst pain imaginable.


* Further, in the past three weeks on Twitter, we have found ourselves in the uncomfortable position of being expected to "follow" people who align themselves with accounts that abuse us in the most vile ways on a regular basis. I believe individuals and social media accounts who do not block people who abuse others are condoning that abuse and providing a platform for it. I blocked those accounts to shield us from the abuse and negativity, and I was publicly called out for it (unfairly and with the whole truth not being told). Because I was bullied into turning off the abuse protection feature Twitter provides, this has left us vulnerable to continued abuse on Twitter. As a result, deleting our Twitter account is the only option left to protect ourselves and the search for Madeleine.


I want to thank a member of our team who took on Twitter the past year. She has done a brilliant job and was able to focus on it much more than I could. She highlighted many other missing children and she was able to create relationships with other missing children's families to offer support. She will take on a new role here on Facebook for us--where we will highlight more missing children and offer our support.


Thank you to all who come here to support our campaign and most of all Madeleine. SHE is what is important, and our job is to get her home.


~FM Webmaster

Friday 09 January 2015

Official Find Madeleine Campaign
9 hrs · Edited ·

The Official Find Madeleine Campaign team maintains and monitors the Official Find Madeleine Facebook (…) and Twitter ( pages for Kate and Gerry McCann. 

 Kate and Gerry do not use social media in a personal capacity. All communication coming from them, is either on our Website at or our Official Facebook and Twitter pages.

We will continue maintaining and monitoring the official pages until Madeleine is home--no matter how long that takes. Thank you for your continued support and for following our official pages.  

~FM Webmaster

Thursday 24 April 2014

Official Find Madeleine Campaign

M****** B***** What puzzle me is why did Goncalo Amaral write his book blaming Madeleine's parents .? He must have known about theses other cases of theses children. It's as if the police were trying to hide something.

Monday 24 February 2014

Official Find Madeleine Campaign  

20 hours ago.

"The main thing is we are all committed to finding that little girl. " 

He also said the suffering of the McCanns was often overrun by the details of the case.

"We are trying our best to keep the family informed. I think in the middle of all this, quite often their torment gets lost."

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe  

Scotland Yard boss confirms Met has names suspects McCann case Britain's most senior police officer Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has suggested his officers are closing in on the people who abducted Madeleine McCann.

Official Find Madeleine Campaign
For anyone posting negative comments, this is fair warning. Your comments will be deleted and you will be banned. No questions asked. And no one wants to hear your perfect parent opinion on leaving children alone. It's been almost seven years, let it go already! Let us focus on getting Madeleine home. ~FM Webmaster 
43 · 6 hours ago


Daniel Close
is it not dangerous to the investigation to post this? what if the people that did it can see this and move from where they are or destroy evidence? 3 · 7 hours ago 


Official Find Madeleine Campaign
 Daniel, we are actually posting this because it's in the mainstream press and because of the comments from Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe about how Madeleine's family is suffering. We would never post anything that would be detrimental to the investigation or put Madeleine in harm's way. ~FM Webmaster 2 · 6 hours ago · Edited


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