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Kate McCann leading 500 mile bike ride for Missing People


• Day 1 – 114 miles - Edinburgh to Newcastle (Link)  (Screenshot)
• Day 2 – 98 miles - Newcastle to York
• Day 3 – 107 miles - York to Nottingham
• Day 4 – 73 miles - Nottingham to Northampton
• Day 5 – 83 miles - Northampton to London

Registration fees are £199 and we ask for a £2000 minimum fundraising. This covers the cost of hotels, meals, and on the road support and mechanics. The fundraising also helps us provide support to missing people in the UK, as well as helping their families and loved ones through the heartache of a disappearance. As a member of Cycle Challenge 2015, you will receive:
•Exclusive Missing People Merchandise including a cycle Jersey.
•Expert advice on cycling and fundraising.
•Dedicated support from the Missing People fundraising team to help you reach your target.
•On the day support including a welcome home party at the Tower of London just for you.

You and your fellow cyclists will be escorted to the Tower of London by Ride2Raise’s support vehicles and Tower Hamlets police. You will cycle under Tower Bridge before riding along the Wharf ­ to the finish line at one of London’s historic sites and one of the world's most famous fortresses.

We will be hosting a private welcome party in The Orchard of the Tower of London, where your friends and family will be able to take in the historic views, whilst awaiting the arrival of the cycle champions.

Findmadeleine facebook updates
Update 01
Official Find Madeleine Campaign
12 June at 22:10 ·
500 Mile Cycle Challenge for Missing People - Update1

Arrived safely in Edinburgh.
All the team are here and getting to know each other rapidly. The noise levels are rising already!
A few nerves but some excitement too....
Pasta-loading as I write.
Hope to squeeze in a few hours sleep too.
No turning back now!

You can still sponsor Kate. It's a five day event. Thank you to all who have already donated.

Update 02
Official Find Madeleine Campaign
13 June at 23:49 ·
500 Mile Cycle Challenge - End of Day 1 (Update 2)

Arrived at Newcastle tired, wet and cold but very elated.

A long tough day and we even ended up doing an extra 15 miles after a wrong turn. So 130+miles it was!! And quite surprisingly a dry Scotland but a very rainy England.

The team was fantastic. I think we all supported each other really well and managed to keep each other's spirits up. Some beautiful scenery along the way too.

Pain and fatigue....Am I pleased we're still doing this? Absolutely yes! All I have to do is think of Madeleine and all those other missing children. It's a no-brainer.

At close to midnight I must get some much needed sleep in.

Good night - and a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting us.


We are at 91% of our goal for donations to Missing People. You can still donate by going to:

Thank you for donating.

~FM Webmaster

Update 03
Official Find Madeleine Campaign
13 hrs ·
500 Mile Cycle Challenge - Newcastle to York (Update 3)

Another epic 104 miles in the saddle. Well, the team were a little blurry- eyed this morning but a strong coffee and a good breakfast soon perked us up.

We started off in the rain and by the time we reached Durham we were freezing. British Summertime - you can't beat it!

After a great carvery in Great Broughton we made our way through and over the Yorkshire Moors. A couple of impressive climbs and some lovely rolling bits in between.

Sadly one of our team was really ill during the ride today and couldn't continue. Hopefully he'll be back on his bike soon.

Once again the camaraderie among the team was brilliant ..... You couldn't do this on your own.

Today's adventure was finished by a fast-paced 15 miles into York. I think we were all ready for a bit of down time. And a beer!

We've been getting messages from home telling us about the wonderful support. We are all so grateful. Thank you!


We are at 94% for donations. It's not too late to donate and support Missing People. Huge thanks to all who have donated.

~FM Webmaster

Update 04
Official Find Madeleine Campaign
11 hrs ·
500 Mile Cycle Challenge - Day 3 York to Nottingham (Update 4)

Today kicked off early with an opportunity to promote the UK's Child Rescue Alert ( To make the system successful the support of the general public is crucial. So far we have 250,000 people in the UK who have signed up to receive an alert when a child in their area has been abducted. Ideally we need millions of people to be prepared to help in this way so if you are willing, please ...sign up and register on the Child Rescue Alert website or download the Child Rescue Alert app. Both are free. You can think of it as being similar to carrying an organ donor card - you hope it won't be necessary but if the worst happens you could potentially save a child's life. A very big thank you to everyone who has come on board to support the CRA so far.

We set off from York in sunshine - a very welcome start after the last two days! The terrain today was mostly flat (apart from a cheeky, leg-burning climb towards the end of the 96 miles) For our achey bodies, after the challenges on day 1 and 2, I suppose today could have been considered an 'active recovery' day but with long spells at 19 - 20+ miles an hour that wasn't quite the case. We did however manage to master a rolling peloton which added some fun to the long, straight stretches and once again the team worked really well together.

Another really good day. Exhausted? Yes. Happy? Definitely.

Thank you so much for supporting us all.......and for helping to reunite missing children with their families.


Update 05
Official Find Madeleine Campaign added 7 new photos.
14 hrs · .

500 Mile Cycle Challenge - Day 4 Nottingham to Letchworth
(Update 5)

Off we set again on another 107 miles and into glorious sunshine. Today took us through Leicestershire on my and Fiona's regular training rides. It really is a great county to cycle through - beautiful rolling countryside and quiet roads! It did feel quite strange though not to pop home. One of the highlights of the day was the Melton Mowbray pork pie which appeared unexpectedly from the support team at a very welcome moment and during the testing final part of the journey, a cryptic 'miles to go' challenge to keep us upbeat. The day also took us through Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire to our final destination of the day.

We arrived weary but satisfied that we're close to achieving our goal.

Update 06
Official Find Madeleine Campaign added 2 new photos.
19 hrs · Edited · .

500 Mile Cycle Challenge - Day 5 Nottingham to Letchworth to the Tower of London (Update 6)

The final leg of our epic journey. The team was pretty pumped up this morning, knowing that we'd come so far and the end was in sight.

After negotiating the rush hour traffic coming out of Letchworth we made our way through the Chiltern hills - a pretty and pleasant prelude before hitting the A1 and passing under the M25. The emotion of it all suddenly started to bubble to the surface when we stopped for a final lunch together in Highgate (thank goodness for sunglasses!) Inevitably the last 8 miles of our journey meant gingerly working our way through London traffic - definitely not for the faint-hearted! The skills we'd picked up over the past five days were certainly put into practice at that point!

Shortly before 4pm we arrived at the Tower of London to cheers and waving flags and many welcome, familiar faces. Mission accomplished- and it felt good, very good.

It's been an incredible adventure. I feel very lucky to have been part of such an amazing team and to be able to do something so positive. A truly memorable life experience.

I'd like to thank my fellow team mates for their friendship, solidarity, determination and the many laughs along the way, the Ride2Raise support team for being simply awesome - the best of the best, and Daniel and Polly from Missing People for doing everything they could to make this journey as smooth and as fun for us as possible. Above all 'thank you' to everyone who has supported us over the past five days. The sponsorship money raised by the team so far has exceeded £40,000 which is an incredible amount and will help to man the help line at the charity for the next year. The number of people who have downloaded the Child Rescue alert app or signed up ( and registering on line has also increased by another 5000 (thank you) and hopefully we can encourage more people will do so in the coming weeks.

And now I think we all need some sleep!! Thank you once again for your tremendous support.




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