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Interview with Huw Edwards. BBC1 - 2.05.2008.
video & transcript



Transcript by Anne Guedes & Meadow

Interview with Huw Edwards.

BBC1 - 2.05.2008


Gerald MC : I think it's not been a conscious preparation because we both hoped we wouldn't get to that stage but I think that what we have done has been incredibly busy in the background, erm there's a lot of work in the investigation side, it's kept me incredibly busy over the last four to six weeks, Kate has more to do with the Amber campaign for the young children..

Kate MC : I mean it's pretty much a day by day, week by week, to be honest, I mean I don't look too far ahead really, erm as Gerry said we didn't want to get to this point, and now that we've got to this point we need to use the opportunity I guess, to focus on what is more important, which is Madeleine.


Huw Edwards : You're making a very big effort to get the message out again so, in its latest form, what is the message you're giving on this first anniversary ?

KMC : The message is Madeleine is still missing and she needs to be found and we guess we are urging people to help us still and I know people have helped us from day one, but we still need the help and Madeleine still needs that help and we need that key bit of information with which it could be over (makes a gesture "it's so simple").

GMC : (looking at the public) Sure, really this is really a direct appeal. We wouldn't be here if we weren't appealing to the public to come forward, to those who actually have actually phoned with information may it be to the police or hotline, we want you to rack your brains if you were then in PDL, someone knows something, that could unlock this and that's the key for us getting that information (bending to pick up a poster that he presents to the camera saying distinctly the hotline number) I would ask to show this, if it's ok, we have a new hotline number, We will guarantee anonymity for anyone who wants it, all information will be treated confidentially


HE : You've been very thorough, you had a very high profile over the past year, what makes you think...

GMC : (interrupting) I have another (? desire ?)


HE : But of course but at least it has been effective in campaigning terms, that high profile, what makes you hope that the year on someone is going to turn up a factor, a hint which  could make the difference ?

KMC : (interrupting) Well, she's still missing, she hasn't been found (video skips.. There is still that bit of information). And you know somebody definitively knows something and they may not realize that, but you know it's linked, you know there might be something they remember from that day or around that day, erm... which is vital, it just takes a few things to slot into place.

GMC : I think that's right thought, because that time of year people are going to be saying, thinking about summer holidays, is going away, last time was here and it would bring it home to people.


HE : When have you lost contact with the Portuguese police about the investigation ?

GMC : I think we don't really have direct contact or some contact, but there is some contact with our Portuguese solicitor.


HE : You asked for information ? Did you ask for updates on the campaign or have you just given up with asking ?

GMC : We would very much like to know exactly what has been done, what hasn't been done, who has been eliminated and on what grounds and just what leads have still been actively followed and that information hasn't, erm been forthcoming to us...

KMC : This is a crime, this is a horrific crime against a young child and I think we need to focus on that, you know Madeleine is still missing, an hideous crime has been committed, and that person is still out there.


HE : As fellow parents, we talk about the case obviously, it's a natural thing to do, it's been in the forefront of people's minds. One of the questions that lots of people asked during these months is how do you maintain the hope that you might find her alive, what keeps that hope in place ?

KMC : Number one, Madeleine is so important to us.. and Sean and Amelie. Number two there is no evidence, absolutely no evidence that any harm has come to her and three, if you look at for example the States, where you know they have a lot os statistics related to this kind of crime, children are recovered, you know, a lot of children are recovered and the younger the child the better the chances are.

GMC : As a parent, you know, you cannot give up on your child, you wouldn't give up and you would do anything...

KMC : (interrupting) And what a disservice it would be to Madeleine to assume otherwise without any evidence !


HE : How do you manage life at home with your twins who, as you said many times, deserve as normal upbringing as they can be given in the circumstances, how do you keep that going ... Where do you get your strength from.. to do that ?

KMC : I think the children can be the strength for sure, you know, Sean and Amelie are amazing little people and they are very happy and actually they have a very normal life, and they go to the nursery two days a week and the other days, when they're at home, we just do the normal things that anyone would do with the children.. and we do spent a lot of the evenings working obviously and phone calls, emails and things. But their life is as normal as it could be, but they haven't got a big sister.


HE : How present is Madeleine in the house ? I mean you talk...

KMC : Very.

HE : ... So that doesn't change in that sense.

GMC : (speaking over) Madeleine is still a big part of Sean and Amelie's life and they have still spent two thirds of their life with Madeleine been ever present and these constant reminders.. and we've taken a lot of professional advice about how best to manage the situation and whether they would have been adapting as well as they have (laugh), without that advice I think probably they would, but for much further reassurance (?)... they have been fantastic, I don't think we would have coped without them, but there has been a big extended family role, friends in this and the overwhelming support we've had from the vast majority of the public has really helped lift us and driven us on. In Praia da Luz and the days afterwards and erm.. the feeling was almost like a tidal wave and motion came back and that really helped lift us.

KMC : It still does, I mean we still get so much mail and support of people and it really does lift you, you know, it's...


HE : Do you mind my asking something that lots of parents have asked me which is what do you say to your young twins when they ask questions, I mean how have you dealt with that with their questions and inquiries ?

KMC : Well I guess they are still only 3, I mean as Gerry said they talk of Madeleine a lot, which is lovely. You know, they just say that Madeleine is missing and we say, yes but we are looking for her, but it doesn't really go to any more depth than that and it doesn't need to at the minute.. because you know, can I ask anything else ? You know we've always believed and we've been told the best is to be honest with them.


HE : There is often in the press where people say things, you know, like you can't show emotion and all the rest of it when you are already under enormous pressure, how do you cope with that ?

KMC : We'd be lying if we said it wasn't hurtful and it's amazing how so many people could have such an opinion of things they know nothing about but again it's a development you know and yes it takes you away from it for a minute, but you just have to get back on track, you know..


HE : You had a very high profile visit to Europe where you were promoting the Amber Alert scheme and there are signs today that the support for that among members of Parliament is still growing, erm.. why have you locked on into this particular scheme as one which you liked to promote ?

GMC : One of the things we encountered are (?) very, very early one and clearly as a parent when your child goes missing you want everything done and even though that night we were saying things like the border has been alerted, the ports, various things, and you worry is that child is going to be moved and moved quickly far away from the scene of the crime...


HE : (interrupting) You both were very honest about the questions you asked about your own actions when Madeleine disappeared and the doubts you had and the criticism you levelled at yourselves. Are you finding it easier not to be self-critical a year on, or not ?

GMC : We've talked a year ago and from the minute we discovered Madeleine missing, we tried to focus on what can still be done and dwelling on the negative you can't change what's happened and, as much as we'd love to have turned the clock back and decided not to have gone erm to Tapas erm restaurant that night. We can't change it and what we need to focus on and what we're asking the public to do is to concentrate on what can still be done, Madeleine is a gorgeous little girl, she's still out there and, you know, we're asking for help to find her.


HE : And for those who (?) the campaign has been running maximum energy for a year and do they ask questions on how long can you sustain that kind of campaign with that kind of energy and commitment that it needs, the fact that it clearly affects your entire lives, what do you say to people ?

KMC : You know I only care for Madeleine (?). You know, I want Madeleine back, I need to have Madeleine and... that's all that keeps us going.



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