Four years has passed 05 September 2016, since you dear Linda Danielle, Ironside, left us. Memories of your life, of your works and your deeds will continue in others.

In Memory of Ironside* Steel Magnolia* @MyNanny25 1
6 January 1955 -05 September 2012 @ 23.20 pm


The people ‘we loose still live through us.

Everything we do, say, are …

is shaped by what we have absorbed from them.

Picture a moment when you laughed together.

Think of one thing you ‘were taught by them.

Remember a discussion you once had.

These memories are the legacy of loss.

That we absorb these moment and can replay them,

means the ones we loose are never far from us.

None of us can stay’ The shortness of life is cruel.

But the strength of human connections - love -

is ‘what means we endure in the hearts of others

after ‘we are gone
Always in our thoughts Ironside Linda Daniel. 4 years today since you passed away. You will never be forgotten. Love from Pamalam

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