Three years has passed 05 September 2015, since you dear Linda Danielle, Ironside, left us. Memories of your life, of your works and your deeds will continue in others.

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6 January 1955 -05 September 2012 @ 23.20 pm

Road Rage: By Linda Danielle, Ironside,

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Just driving along at an average pace,
Whatís the hurry, Iím in no race,
When a car from nowhere comes into view,
Whatís his problem? I havenít a clue,
Beeping and shouting, flashing his lights,  
This kind of driver gets into fights,  
Its been a bad day, Iím not in the mood,  
People these days on the road are so rude,  
Well, Iím not giving in, itís my right of way  
Whatever happens, I will have my say,  
Slowing down as he overtakes,  
His rear lights show heís slammed on his brakes,  
He gets out leaving his door ajar,  
Walking swiftly, he approaches my car,  
I wind down the window, I refuse to get out,  
Itís just me and him, no one else is about,  
Excuse me Madam he says with a smile,  
Iíve been trying to talk to you for the last mile,  
He says heís a Policeman, his card shows the proof,  
Did you know Madam, your bags on your roof?  
From Maria
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I have added them to this page. In memory of Dani's 3rd year of passing


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