Two years has passed 05 September 2014, since you dear Linda Danielle, Ironside, left us. Memories of your life, of your works and your deeds will continue in others.

In Memory of Ironside* Steel Magnolia* @MyNanny25 16 January 1955 -05 September 2012 @ 23.20 pm


From pamalam x

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There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honoured and privileged to know
You were that kind of person  
Who leaves beautiful memories behind  
And there will be many days  
Which will bring fond memories to mind  
From Maria x

Hello, My Dear Dani!  

Here I am writing you this letter to the Paradise, where you are.  

All our messages are saved but the worst is that I am very disorganized. I want to find one thing but meeting others. All our conversation with my terrible no English led to comic situations and I remember that you get lost in translation. Anh, you had to fight in order to get me to understand. What a struggle! Until it makes you smile.  

Today I will talk about our two names:  

I, sometimes, wrote to Punky Girl .Because you said you had a bit of spiky hair to appear. And you were going to paint these little red.

Other times I called you a Young Girl and I assigned Senior Girl. Which was correct because you are younger than me. 

You have sent a lot of .pps to make me smile with happiness.  

Other times you sent a lot of anecdotes to make me laugh.  

And our exchanges of opinion on ...... you know! But I tell you: you can believe that everything you said was right, and continues. It is interesting to see how some things were already as being now. Thanks to you I have a big files ...... excellent ...... ..completely disorganized.  

You also know that I never apprenticed the English language so that this letter will have to be translated by the translator. Sometimes I think I can write my no English better than Google translator.

And, it all looks like a letter Primary School, by the little ones as they begin to learn the first letters.  

Anyway, today only beautiful smiles.  

 I never forget you because you are with me every day. But I am sure that you know that very well.  

What do we drink now? A black coffee? A fruit cocktail?  

Say it to me and we do like always: by mail! LOL  

Lots of kisses



Bibi´s message to Maria about her last hours/days/weeks    
Yes Maria Dani was seriously ill in August the third week after extensive tests and scans, detected cancer in the liver, began to spread quickly to the kidneys and pancreas. They tried to stop with 2 chemotherapy treatments a week each, for success. She remained sedated until she died at 23:20 on the 5th September, with me at her side. Now she is at peace, resting for the 1st. time in 4 years. Thank you for being a friend...




Dani loved animals; more trusted that some humans. The two PowerPoint presentations were sent to Maria from Dani, Can be a tribute to Herself. She cared a lot about tenderness, love for animals and she was vegan. She admired all who where courageous. xx Maria


Below is the link to to 2 PowerPoint presentations. Click on image or link 

From Lizzy Hideho Taylor x
Remembering IRONSIDE - Steel Magnolia - Linda - Dani. Passed away 2 years ago today after a 4 year battle with cancer.

She was seriously ill but continued to post on her blog...the last entry on August 5th...during, or just prior to, undergoing intensive treatments that were unsuccessful. She searched for Justice for Madeleine until the end...
She passed away one month later but her memory lives on in the many posts as IRONSIDE and her Steel Magnolia blog. A wealth of information. One of the best resources of its kind on the net.
Most of were unable to put a face to the name until after her death, but with the help of Pamalam and Linda's husband who allowed me to use the photos in this video which I made last year...
See Pamalams Memorial Page HERE:
Unfortunately, i was unable to update the video it but i don't think i could find another song to replace the one year anniversary video....
RIP Linda You will always be remembered and your blog will live on...
From last year....
RIP Ironside - A Year Ago Today (Unfinished)

Delta Goodrem - Be Strong Lyrics